Permanent hair removal at home with laser

Body hair, the unavoidable and ever so annoying commonality between both men and women that, no matter how much you seem to shave or use a depilatory cream to try and get rid of, it just seems to grow back stronger and thicker than ever in a mere two or three days. Options like waxing and threading are quite effective but with the trade-off for seriously painful and attractive ingrown hairs, all that just for the hair to grow back in a couple of weeks. Not worth it!

 Thankfully, we live in the 21st century. Permanent methods of hair reduction and removal are extremely simple and more popular than ever. To help you decide if elos-me is right for you, we’ve gone into detail about what iluminage is and how it works! Hair removal has never been so simple and can be done in the comfort of your home!

laser hair removal at home device - iluminage


At home laser hair removal

Laser hair removal, first commercially released in salons across North America in the 1990’s has grown to become an extremely popular alternative. The process, if done perfectly. can permanently remove hair in as little as 3 sessions, of course, the number of sessions will ultimately depend on factors like hair type and density. The laser works by shining a concentrated beam of light into the pores of your skin, which is then absorbed by your hair. The light energy which was previously absorbed by your hair will then proceed to heat up, causing the hair to do so as well. The heat ultimately causes damage to the hair follicles, stopping them from growing further. Although this method is highly effective, it's important you understand how hair grows. Hair grows in cycles, therefore not all hairs will respond to the laser treatment at the same time, it will take multiple treatments.


After the first treatment, it's going to seem like nothing happened. Unlike waxing, shaving and epilating, the laser process can take a few weeks for the dead hairs to begin falling out. The upside to utilizing laser hair removal is the freedom to shave! You can shave in between laser treatments as it does not matter whether you have hair or not when doing laser treatments, in fact, it is encouraged to shave before a treatment so the hairs can be scorched at the surface.  


This in-salon laser treatment noted above is on the expensive side of the hair removal spectrum. Scientists have been able to create technology that cuts the price in half and allows for users to work laser treatments at home! Products like the iluminage do just that, the at home laser kit is priced at a fraction of the in-salon cost and can be used anywhere on your body that you can get treated at a salon. Below we explain how it works and help you to decide if its the right choice for you!




The iluminage Touch uses IPL technology. IPL is similar to laser hair removal in nature and uses the same method of heating up hairs, causing damage to the follicles and ultimately preventing hair growth directly at the root. The upgrade in technology, however, is that the iluminage uses a broad spectrum of light, which is less focused and uses the only FDA-cleared technology for permanent results for all skin tones.


The results from using the iluminage are as impressive as an in-salon treatment, at half the price and with the ability to treat any part of your body, the product is a viable option. After just 7 treatments, the results were in:


  • Up to 94% hair reduction after 7 weeks

  • 46% of hair removed after just two treatments


The iluminage is the perfect alternative for anyone looking for a cost-effective and efficient permanent hair removal tool. Check out our products and see what Elos-Me can do for you!